Grand Splendid rugs are unique and timeless works of art.

Nurtured by tradition yet attuned to innovation, our gifted artisans dedicate their attention to crafting products using the softest and most exclusive leathers and hides. Each bespoke, handmade rug is created with skilled artistry and state-of-the-art workmanship to ensure impeccable quality.

Over a century ago, the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, was just beginning to establish itself as an important center of wealth and culture. The capital city’s spectacular economic development attracted immigrants from all over the world through its open port.

Away from the capital, a different kind of growth bolstered the metropolis. On the fertile lowland pampas, cattle were free to roam in the fresh open air and feed on the high grasses. Sheep drank from the vast fresh water lakes and grazed the rich vegetation of the Patagonian region, while goats were farmed in the mountainous Andes.

The Argentinean cowboy, or gaucho, ruled over this land. Joining with the european landowner and his entrepreneurial spirit, the estancia was born. These prodigious, self-sustaining ranches provided fertile ground for Argentina's growth, producing meats, hides, and wool, and earned a reputation around the world for the finest leathers.

Grand Splendid continues this tradition of excellence in the making of our premium leather rugs. Discover the handiwork and technical expertise that brings each of our inspired designs to life.