Use & Care

Grand Splendid rugs are 100% natural, making each one completely unique.

Genuine leather hide rugs are highly resistant to staining, while natural sheepskin is naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial.

Our rugs are very easy to clean and maintain. Vacuum on a medium-high setting with no brush attachment, and when possible, an occasional shaking will remove dust and debris, promote airflow, and maintain the natural characteristics of the hide. For longhaired sheepskin, occasional brushing with a wire brush is recommended to restore pile. Keep sheepskin and goatskin away from direct sunlight when possible.

Spills may be wiped off immediately with a damp sponge and warm water.

Rotate cowhides annually to promote even wear. Sheepskin and goatskin rugs can be taken to your local fur cleaner for a deep cleaning every few years to restore shine and softness. Hair loss in cowhides over several years is normal and based on the level of traffic, and the leather will eventually develop a unique patina. If cared for properly, your may be enjoyed for many decades.